Our Mission:

To empower students of all levels (from first-time homebuyers to investors to inspectors) by unveiling the truth through enlightening experiences and interactive education. In emphasizing the importance of cadence, Foundation Rescue seeks to provide the proper tools and guidance in the field to encourage successful property management and development.

Foundation Rescue is committed to sharing, teaching, gathering, and collaborating with real estate professionals for the benefit of their professional learning, growth, and development.

Cherished alumni of Foundation Rescue become the cornerstone of our institution. We encourage all students to contribute to our treasury of waterproofing and foundation-based material. We believe that a consensus-driven standardization of foundation repair methods and property management tools (presented in conjunction with a growing list of quick reference forms and various investigative analysis materials) helps our students round out a risk management strategy beneficial for the foundation repair industry at large.
Together, we will add true, superior value to clients and to properties for years to come.

Our Values:

An organization established to assist, maintain, and educate home buyers and inspectors, we maintain these values:

  • Creating a culture where all are welcome encourages overall productivity.
  • Now is the right time for courage in challenging the status quo.
  • We will constantly seek new ways to contribute to our consensus-driven, ever-expanding database of reference material.
  • The importance of being present, connecting with each other transparently, and participating respectfully with dignity.
  • Holding ourselves accountable for results.
  • Delivering our very best at all times, in all we do.